CEOSo Miyazaki

Born in 1980. Hyogo Prefecture。
2004Joined CyberAgent,
2006Founded CyberBuzz Inc. as CEO
2010Seconded to CyberAgent America ("CAA"), SVP of Advertising 2012 CAA President & CEO (-2014 2016-2017)
2013CA Fujita Fund General Manager, concurrently (-2015)
2014CA Director, Startup jurisdiction (-2016)
2016Retired CA Director, Head of Global Division (-2017)
2017AbemaTV Tactical Division. Head of M&A
2018Appointed CEO of FIREBUG Inc
※Transition to a joint representative system between Miyazaki and Sato

CEO ProducerShogo Sato

Born in 1983. Tokyo.
2005Joined Yoshimoto Kogyo
・Management of Ninety Nine, London Boots No.1 and No.2, Robert, etc.
・Produced picture book for King Kong Nishino.
・Robert Akiyama "Creator's File
・COWCOW's " Atarimae Taiso", Papa Comedian Project's "Papa Park”
・Workshop School for elementary school students "Laughing School", etc.
・New Business Production
2015Established QREATOR AGENT Inc.
2016Established FIREBUG Inc.
2018Appointed CCO, FIREBUG Inc.
Transition to a joint representative system between Miyazaki and Sato

outside board directorAyataro Nakagawa

Born in 1988. Hyogo Prefecture.
2011while still a university student, he participated in the founding phase of Atokore Inc. as a director and experienced the launch of web services.
2012Founded Pelori Inc., which operates the women's curation platform "MERY".
2014Sold Peroli Inc. to DeNA Co.
2015Co-founded Tokyo Founders Fund as an angel investor and started investing in domestic and international startups
2018Appointed as an external director of FIREBUG Inc.

We at FIREBUG are “Entertainment Business Studio"

As a DX partner for celebrities such as comedians, actors, actresses, models, artists, and gravure idols, we are involved in comprehensive digital IP development and business model building.



Entertainment DX business
Marketing Support Business

Entertainment DX business

As a DX partner,
we support the expansion of the range of activities of affiliated talent and individual creators and the maximization of their revenue sources.

Main Service

  • ■Entertainment DX Solution Development

    -Talent/Artist/IP official SNS account development and operation, sales

  • ■Fan Billing Solution Development
    -Talent/Artist/IP Fan Billing Service Development and Operation
  • ■Talent & Artist 360 Produce
    ■IP 360° Produce

Entertainment DX Business Example





Marketing support business

As a marketing partner with a deep understanding of the entertainment and digital industries, we support companies in solving their marketing issues by leveraging our strong network of influential celebrities and prominent business people in the entertainment and digital industries.

Main Service

  • ■Digital Marketing Solutions
  • ■Startup Marketing Support
  • ■casting
  • ■Video content production and management
  • ■SNS account development and operation
  • ■Digital Marketing Solutions
  • ■Startup Marketing Support
  • ■casting
  • ■Video content production and management
  • ■SNS account development and operation

Digital Marketing Solutions




Startup Marketing Support

From marketing strategy planning to PR activity support, TV commercial production and buying, orders can be tailored to meet the challenges of each stage.

Marketing strategy planning


Media and online community for business people working in the entertainment industry

JAPAN ENTERTAINMENT-NETWORK (JEN) is an interview media for business people working in the entertainment industry.
We will deliver various information in the entertainment field, such as interviews with the creators of hit works, the latest topics you want to know, and information on new services you want to use.

In addition, in order to strengthen the horizontal connection of people who are active in the entertainment industry
The JEN online community has also started. Gorgeous board members gather to hold study sessions and exchange meetings.



商号 株式会社FIREBUG

設立 2016年02月24日

所在地 〒151-0053
TEL:03-6300-6771 / FAX:03-6300-6774

従業員数 44名(2021年3月時点)

代表 代表取締役 CEO 宮崎聡
代表取締役 プロデューサー 佐藤詳悟

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